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2 min readAug 2, 2021


🍪 Cookie Finance had a busy month of July! 👀

Read our monthly recap and accomplishments below! 👷🏗️

🏗️ #BUIDL #BUIDL #BUIDL! w/ ApeSwap!🙉

Cookie Finance is very happy to announce our entrance to the ApeSwap #BUIDL Program!!! This opportunity will provide significant resources to Cookie now, and in the future! 💪

You may read all about the groundbreaking #BUIDL Program here!

The BUIDL program @ was one of our primary goals when we set out months ago to develop Cookie Finance and #Buidl DeFi Insurance. This is a big milestone for us, but the hard work has just begun! We have a great deal we must prove to the Devs and Community at ApeSwap in order to earn that graduation spot.

For reference, a Governance Vote at ApeSwap is required for our graduation: (you may see previous votes at the link below)

You may notice Tako DeFi was recently graduated with a Governance Vote via $GNANA. (FYI, $GNANA is “Gold Banana”, the Governance Voting Token over at ApeSwap)

Now is the time for us to push forward as a community, show the strength of our strong OG supporters, and #BUIDL like there is no tomorrow! 🛠️

More updates on the #BUIDL program soon, as always, please check our Roadmap for future #goals! 🛣️

On to the Main News & Updates! (Click Underlined Links for Full Articles)

Main Cookie News ✔️

Insured Farm Additions

System Changes

CookieBake/UI Changes

  • Main Splash Page Updated with link to Insurance Documents
  • Additional Farms added (Insured Bunny, BUSD Stable Farm)
  • Corrected Formatting in Farm Tiles
  • Updated “Compound” and “Harvest” Prompts with Instructions
  • Updated 🖩 in Farms to provide link to VFAT & Insurance Guide

Fairly busy month of July! We will continue to push forward and develop strong use-cases for our token and farms. There is a great need for Insurance in this space, and we are still one of the first to attempt this. Hold on tight, lets try to light this fire 🚀



Cookie Finance

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