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Cookie Finance
1 min readJul 2, 2021


Chip has plenty of room at his table!

While we are busy adding more farms and making Cookie Finance a true competitor, we want to grow our community and establish a solid foundation for our insurance services. ☔️

The concept is simple, send 20 CHIPS to a friend and get them to stake in either the CHIPS Farm or APE LP Farm V2. 👌

If you get them into the CHIPS Farm, you will be sent 25 CHIPS.💸

If they pair their CHIPS with BNB and enter the APE LP Farm V2, you will be sent 50 CHIPS. 💸💸

DM the addresses to @JBJFourier on telegram to verify! 🙌


  • Limited to one per person
  • You must already have CHIPS to be eligible (no new buyers can partake in this promo to prevent abuse)
  • Your friend should be new to the platform (e.g. not farming beforehand)

Those are the rules, it is fairly simple. Please DM @JBJFourier with any questions! 🍪



Cookie Finance

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