I received $CHIPS, where are they??

Do not fear cookie companion, Chip has never misplaced a single cookie! You simply need to add the $CHIPS contract to your Metamask Wallet and you will be good to go! First make sure you are on the BSC network, if you remember, we went over that here.

Next you want to copy this address:


And then open Metamask and click “Add Token” at the bottom

Once you are at the “Add Token” screen, click on the “Custom Token” tab.

Now you want copy and paste our Token Contract Address into the first field. (again that is: 0x1e584d356db17decfa474fb9669fa7d2f181ee4e)

If you are on the Binance Smart Chain Network(the top icon says BSC and not any other network) then final 2 fields will auto-populate with the correct Symbol and Decimals.

In case it doesn't populate, please write in ”CHIPS” and “18”.

Click “Add Tokens” and you are done!

Look at you hacking the internet AGAIN. It may take a little while for the little icon picture to update to the picture of the chocolate chip cookie, but please have patience!

If you have any questions, please head to the telegram for support. 🍪

📑 https://t.me/cookiedefi 👈




Secure & Sustainable DeFi Solutions #BSC🔥 #DeFi📈 #Insurance☂️ #CookieDeFi🍪

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Cookie Finance

Cookie Finance

Secure & Sustainable DeFi Solutions #BSC🔥 #DeFi📈 #Insurance☂️ #CookieDeFi🍪

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