How #Comfy is your PancakeBunny?

A question that has come up many times in your life — or never before.

How comfy is your bunny? 🐰

Fairly comfy? A little bit comfy? Downright uncomfortable!? 😟

The reality is that Bunny Finance has been hit by a number of flash loan exploits. The first exploit rocked the BSC community in May:

and another one more recently in July on the Polygon Network:

With over 200 Million USD lost to these exploits, the Bunny Finance Community and Holders are in dire need of protection ☔️

Cookie Finance has a solution to protect Bunny users from exchange exploits — permanently 🔐

no more swallowing your pain, sir

At Cookie Finance, we want you feeling MAXIMUM COMFORT WITH YOUR BUNNY. 🤗

Here is how you achieve max comfort @Cookie Finance:

  1. Buy PancakeBunny, a popular token that offers a ~120% APR WBNB reward for staking! 🐰💪
  2. Stake your Bunny @ CookieBake.Finance in an #InsuredFarm! 🚜
  3. Earn WBNB & 🍪CHIPS with #Insurance in case of Exchange Exploit, Rugpull, Code Error and More! 💰

Now THAT is a comfy situation. A safe Bunny farm, with freshly baked WBNB straight to your wallet; and some Cookie Finance 🍪CHIPS. Nice.

sir, that is a waffle.

It might seem like things are all fun & games Cookie Finance but we take Insurance very seriously. All Farms are backed by up to 40,000 🍪$CHIPS with an automatic payout to protect you & your investment. 🔐

Archibald, you showed up! looking sharp!

This type of security will typically cost you a pretty penny down at the local insurance store, but at Cookie Finance, we roll the insurance premiums into the exchange fees! Wow, what a deal!!! 🤸‍♀️

Don’t have any Bunny to feel comfy with? Head over to PancakeSwap and pick some up! This is a great opportunity to take part in some sweet WBNB Rewards with a calculated risk and limited exposure. 📐

lookin good, jimmy.. i think

Alright everyone! You may head on over to the Insured Farms to stake your Bunny for a WBNB reward. The reward in hot baked Chocolate 🍪CHIPS are to be announced this week. Stay tuned for this announcement!

As always, 20% of fees are used to buyback 🍪CHIPS to be distributed amongst shareholders in the CHIPS Farm! Please find both the Chips and Bunny Farm on the CookieBake.Finance Site!

Ok, gotta go check on Jimmy I think he may have had an accident. Please stick with us for some upcoming moves including our migration to Polygon! 🍪




Secure & Sustainable DeFi Solutions #BSC🔥 #DeFi📈 #Insurance☂️ #CookieDeFi🍪

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Cookie Finance

Cookie Finance

Secure & Sustainable DeFi Solutions #BSC🔥 #DeFi📈 #Insurance☂️ #CookieDeFi🍪

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