Cookie Finance Art Contest Winners!!

One of our superb art submissions to the contest by: @Anoenk

Over the last week, Cookie Finance ran our first Graphics, Art & Meme Contest and needless to say the competition was a tremendous success!

We had over 25 submissions ranging from funny memes to cool graphics.

😂😂😂 by: @F

Without further ado, I am happy to present our winners!!

🏆 Contest Winners:

🥇 1st — 100 🍪 CHIPS @CD

Now that is one cool cookie.

🥈 2nd — 50 🍪 CHIPS @hkncndrn

🥉 3rd — 25 🍪 CHIPS @MetinTuncaa

This contest was close! Many of the submissions scored in the high 9’s!

📊 Scoring Breakdown:

CD 10/10 !!! 🥇 1st
Hkncndrn 9.71/10 🥈 2nd
MetinTuncaa 9.67/10 🥉 3rd

Honorable mentions:

@AnjarPratesa 9.65/10 very close!

@Cryptoprogoat 9.63/10

@Babamana 9.63/10

CZ TV when?

Some additional entries that we all loved:

impressive! by: @Hendri_Irawan
by: @OpahKehed
yes, I sleep better as well! by: @Hendri_Irawan

And last but certainly not least, a wonderful new picture of Chip the Cookie Mage by the very talented artist @Ang:

Just incredible…I wish I could have voted for this twice! Artwork by @Ang

I can’t thank everyone enough for participating in this competition! I am hopeful that this will be one of many and the start of a series of contests that we all enjoy! 🍪

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