Cookie Finance, Insured Farming! 🍪

We are pleased to announce Insured Farming @ Cookie Finance goes live this week!!! 🚀

The first farms for our native token 🍪$CHIPS will go live on 24-Jun-2021 @ 23:00 UTC. ☔️🚜

You will finally be able to stake your 🍪$CHIPS on the CookieBake.Finance site and begin earning dividends on your investment!

In addition to this, we are opening the ApeSwap Liquidity Farm for the CHIPS-BNB Pairing, offering you another possible return in 🍪$CHIPS by staking Ape LP! 🐵

APR shown as placeholder, not accurate for launch, it will be higher ;)

We are planning an emission rate for each Insured Farm set at approximately 7,500 🍪$CHIPS / Week. 💪👨‍🌾

We want to provide long-term benefits to all of our holders and supporters — therefor the emission rate will decrease over time, and finally settle around half of this value. 🔒

What is this? Fresh cookies right out of the oven? 👀

Chip bringing that heat

As one last thank you to all of our early supporters we are providing a 🍪$CHIPS distribution tonight (21-Jun-2021) that will begin immediately after this announcement! 🎉

All Snapshot Holders will be sent 5% of the amount in their wallet at the time of the snapshot 📸 (Snapshot occurred at 11:59PM UTC on 07-Jun-2021).

In addition to this, we will be 🪂 Airdropping 🍪$CHIPS to the remaining individuals that were not accommodated for during the first airdrop!

Thank you to everyone new and old that has found Cookie Finance. We hope to provide safe and long-term Insured DeFi Solutions for many years to come.🍪

Secure & Sustainable DeFi Solutions #BSC🔥 #DeFi📈 #Insurance☂️ #CookieDeFi🍪