Cookie Finance Farming is Live!

We are Cookie Finance 🍪 and we are making Blockchain Insurance ☔️.

Many people have joined this campaign recently while many have supported the project from the first 10 individuals in the telegram.

Either way, you have made it this far with us, and now we are going to begin rewarding you for supporting the project.

Beginning with this announcement is the ability to Stake either CHIPS or APE-LP (ApeSwap CHIPS-BNB Pairing) with a payout in 🍪CHIPS!!

Let’s get down to business!

Staking your CHIPS on the CookieBake.Finance site will serve two overall purposes:

  1. Earn dividends on the farm insurance & transaction fees
  2. Provide the foundation and liquidity for us to operate indefinitely.

Don’t worry, this sounds complicated, but it’s really not. Lets go!!!

(Remember, if you have any questions, ask for @JBJFourier in the Telegram Chat. If you know how to do this, please skip to the end for closing notes)

How to Stake $CHIPS on Cookie Finance!

(Note: Instructions for Windows 10 Computer running latest version of Google Chrome)

Head on over to the CookieBake.Finance website and click on the Farm tab 🚶

Next you are going to Connect your wallet with the prompt shown at the top of the screen:

(Don’t worry if the Farms say “Loading”, you just need to connect your wallet)

Yup, hit the cool Metamask Fox bro. Be careful, he has a lot of responsibility.

Next we are going to Connect the wallet to the CookieBake Application! Hit that Next button my friend!

(You may also hit “Connect to a wallet” in the Farm Tiles below this)

Oh yeah, this is pretty easy. You want to click “Connect” to finalize this permission:

Wow, nice. You can see your wallet address at the top.

Remember those last digits, you will see other sites with this similar feature. That is your wallet address. Always pay attention and look for your last 3 or 4 digits.

Once you are connected, you will see your balances! If your wallet has CHIPS or APE LP, it will show in here now. Lets get those CHIPS into the Farm!

Hit the “Stake” button at the button to begin the process:

(Try hitting refresh or F5 if they don’t show the first time you connect)

You can either enter the amount you would like to Stake, or APE IN and SMASH that MAX Button. Whatever you decide, click “Stake CHIPS” after:

Now we are going to see some pop-ups regarding the transactions.

FYI: You may see 2 pop-ups the first time you do this, followed by only 1 pop-up for each transaction after this point. Don’t worry, this is normal, the first was an initial approval.

Click “Confirm” and you are done!

There we go! You have deposited your CHIPS into the CHIPS Farm and you will begin earning rewards @ 24-Jun-2021 23:00 UTC !!!

(Launch is approx. 500% APY, rate in example not accurate)

Nice! You have Staked some Cookie Finance $CHIPS in the CHIPS Farm. You will now earn back the shown APR/APY.

Looking pretty sweet! Lets move on to something a little more advanced.

How do pair CHIPS-BNB for APE LP

Next you have a couple of things to do:

  1. Connect your wallet to ApeSwap and pair CHIPS-BNB into APE LP
  2. Add the APE LP to the Cookie Finance APE LP Farm

Lets begin,

Connect to Ape and pair CHIPS-BNB

Navigate to the this page and you will be prompted with the following ApeSwap Application:

Go ahead and Unlock/Connect your wallet (if you haven't already)

Nice, it’s the Metamask fox bro again 🦊

Follow the similar processes as before! Next → Connect:

Now click “Connect”:

And now your wallet is Connected to ApeSwap correctly and you are ready to add liquidity.

Now the next part is fun, you will pair your CHIPS and BNB into APE LP.

Fill in the amount of CHIPS you would like to pair into LP, and it will populate the BNB equivalent value.

(The opposite here also holds true; fill in some BNB, and CHIPS will populate with the equivalent amount)

Click “Confirm” to move on and begin the approval:

We are almost done, you will now see the approval go through at the top.

Nice, lets put in 0.1 CHIPS and then click “Supply” at the bottom. One of those same Metamask pop-ups will show, click “Confirm”:

Now go ahead and click “Confirm Supply”.

I can’t believe we are this far! Don’t worry we are almost done I promise.

One last confirmation for the Metamask bro, click “Confirm”:

And that is all for that part! You will see the approval at the top again, confirming the amounts you have submitted into APE LP:

Ok, on we go! back to the Cookie Farms my friends!!!

Add APE LP to the APE LP Farm

We are going to now Stake this Ape LP in the APE LP FARM. Here you will see a very similar situation with your APE LP appearing in your “Balance” as you saw with CHIPS before this. We can go ahead and hit the “Stake” button to move forward:

(you may have to hit F5 or refresh before staking like before)

Ok, we are now presented with a similar situation to Staking CHIPS, but now we are staking APE LP:

Put in the amount you would like, or absolutely GO APE and click MAX again like the hero I know you are.

You will have two Confirmations following this; one for an approval, and one for the spend. Go ahead and click “Confirm” on both:

(Click on the small calculator🖩 for more information about your investment! )

Now you are done! Can you believe it? You are building our insurance base and earning dividends on the insurance fees! Amazing! We will work to provide a healthy return while also planning for long-term growth.

We have come a long way together, and this is just the start. We need to build up these farms and begin our marketing campaign. Entering the Apeswap #BUIDL Program is still the top priority! 🐵

We must prepare a solid base to provide sustainable insurance solutions in this ecosystem and this is only the beginning. To automate and enable insured farms and vaults in the future we must have a strong foundation to allow an insurance payout without causing insolvency or price fluctuations.

Our business model is strong, we have scoured the blockchain for the best solutions and refined them to accommodate for all of the newest exploits, attacks and liquidity events. We are in a good position to continue efforts.

Lets keep going forward! Thank you for being a part of this.🍪



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