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2 min readJul 27, 2021
Chip continues to #BringTheHeat for #HotDeFiSummer!!!

Cookie Finance is very happy to announce the newest CHIPS LP Farm with BUSD StableCoin Pairing!!! ✊✊✊

The CHIPS-BUSD APE LP Stable Farm will play an integral role in the Cookie Finance operation indefinitely. 🔒

You may find the new Stable CHIPS LP Farm on the CookieBake.Finance site!

🍪$CHIPS rewards will begin on Jul-31–2021 @ 1600UTC/1200EST 🕛

We have planned a ~90% APR $CHIPS on top of LP Exchange Fees! 💰 (Promotional introductory period ~500%APR)

🏃 Get ready this week! Rewards begin Saturday! 🎁

Need a quick refresher on how to add LP? The process is the same before, however you will be pairing with BUSD instead of BNB. 💪

Why do we need this?

You may remember us speaking about StableCoins and Stable Pairings in our previous article “What is a Wrapped Token?”. These Stable Pairings assign real world value to the underlying Tokens.

What is a Stablecoin Pairing?

“Stablecoins Pairings bridge the worlds of cryptocurrency and everyday fiat currency as their prices are pegged to a reserve asset like the U.S. dollar or gold[1].

These pairings tie crypto to tangible assets — the stable token helps assign value and provide stability to the price of 🍪$CHIPS.

What does this mean for 🍪$CHIPS?

The value of our token is now pegged to the value of the USD through the Binance US Dollar (BUSD)💰. This is a good thing for Cookie Finance!

This LP will help with price stability and provide one of the foundational pairings to facilitate a strong platform for future operations. ⛱️

We are extremely grateful to the opportunities provided by Apeswap, the #BUIDL Program🏗️ and all of our other Partners and Patrons!! 🙏

We have more planned for #HotDeFiSummer🔥 including additional #InsuredFarms as well as our Polygon Deployment!!! ⛱️

Thank you for your continued support of Cookie Finance!!! 🙌

#BUIDL 🏗 #DeFi 📈 #Insurance ☂️ @CookieDeFi 🍪



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