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1 min readJul 15, 2021

Please see the following frequently asked questions:

What is the Total Supply?

Currently the total supply is 280K CHIPS. There is no hard-cap yet because each Insured Farm emits 3–5K CHIPS per week. This amount has been reduced each week (from 7K CHIPS per farm per week at launch) and will continue to be reduced over time to lower inflation.

Has CHIPS been audited?

No, not yet. But communications are in progress with HashEx. You may view our roadmap and progress here:

Where are my CHIPS earnings?

The CHIPS Farm only pays rewards every 4 hours (earns from the insurance fees collected from the Insured Farms). All the other farms accumulate rewards in real-time; so they should start displaying immediately after you deposit.

Where are my farm/vault earnings?

Farms do not auto-compound, whereas Vaults auto-compound, so for example in the Banana Farm, all your earnt Banana is shown in “Your Earnings” alongside CHIPS. Click Compound to add the earnings to your deposit. After, you will notice the “Your Deposit: x Banana” will increase. In future Vaults, your token deposit will Auto-Compound, however CHIPS will remain manually compounded.

What does the compound button do?

The compound button will deposit any (for example) Banana earnings back into the Banana Farm and your CHIPS earnings into the CHIPS Farm. As vaults will auto-compound your deposit, this button will simply compound your Chips into the Chips Farm.

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