Cookie APE LP Farm V1 → V2 🏗️

(The APE LP Farms contain the CHIPS-BNB Pairing)

Good evening everyone! Cookie Finance has been working hard to bring the new security updates to all of the new contracts & farms. 🔐

Now, tomorrow, we will now be moving from the APE LP Farm to the APE LP V2 Farm 🐵 that has been recently deployed. ✔️

The APE LP Farm V2 go live on Monday, July 19, 2021 @ 03:00 PM UTC, 11:00 AM EST. 👨‍🌾

NOTE: The following instructions only apply to individuals Staking APE LP (CHIPS-BNB Pairing) in the APE LP Farm on CookieBake.Finance, this does not affect anyone in the Banana or Cake Farms.

Compound and Unstake your APE LP

Let’s gets started! Begin by navigating to the CookieBake Farms. 🚜

Today we will be focusing on the APE LP Farm.

Make sure your MetaMask is 🟢Connected and then lets proceed to the Farm:

(Wait for confirmation in 🦊MetaMask in between the Compound and Unstake Transactions)
  1. Hit the Compound Button and Confirm Transaction (This will compound your Earnings)
  2. Hit the Unstake Button and Confirm Transaction (This will bring the APE LP back to your wallet)

Add your APE LP to the new APE LP Farm V2

Next you will navigate to the APE LP FARM V2 and you guessed correctly, we are going to click the “Stake” button to proceed:

You will be presented with a prompt to enter the amount you would like Stake. You may either enter the amount manually or click “MAX” 💪

Once you click “Stake APE LP” you will be presented with two prompts, the Allowance and the Spend.

The Allowance will be your first prompt, you will only need to confirm this once. Following this will be the confirmation of sending the APE LP to the Farm! This looks familiar, I think we are getting the hang of this! 🏄

That is it you are done!! Well done, you have done an amazing job at moving your LP and your support for the project does not go unnoticed.

What Changed? 🔍

As a quick recap, we have made a number of security changes and upgrades to our V2 Farms including:

· Auto-Adding Liquidity straight into APE LP 🐵

· More aggressive buy-backs of CHIPS 🍪

· Security Upgrade (hard-limit of daily minting abilities) 🔐

· Pancake Router Upgrade 💻

All of these upgrades will work in unison to establish a stronger base for Cookie Finance and help sustain our price and liquidity. 📈

Final Remarks 📝

You will see both V1 and V2 Farms listed on the Farms page for the next 7 days to ensure everyone has a chance to move. ⏰

As always, thank you for your continued support. I know that these Farms will have a positive effect on our liquidity and future of the company for a long time to come. 🍪

Reminder: You may always view our most up-to-date contracts on our Gitbook:



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