Cookie Finance is taking a Snapshot of all 🍪$CHIPS Token holders!! 📸

The long awaited Snapshot II is set for 15-Sep-2021 @ 22:00 UTC. 🕙

Here are some local times to get you aligned with UTC:

🍪 Cookie Finance had a busy month of July! 👀

Read our monthly recap and accomplishments below! 👷🏗️

🏗️ #BUIDL #BUIDL #BUIDL! w/ ApeSwap!🙉

Cookie Finance is very happy to announce our entrance to the ApeSwap #BUIDL Program!!! This opportunity will provide significant resources to Cookie now, and in the future! 💪

You may read all…

(The APE LP Farms contain the CHIPS-BNB Pairing)

Good evening everyone! Cookie Finance has been working hard to bring the new security updates to all of the new contracts & farms. 🔐

Now, tomorrow, we will now be moving from the APE LP Farm to the APE LP V2 Farm 🐵 that has been recently deployed. ✔️


V2 Cake & Banana Farms goes live on Friday, July 16, 2021 @ 2:15PM UTC / 10:15 AM EST !!!

Cookie Finance is happy to announce that the 🍌Banana & 🎂Cake Farms are going to V2 tomorrow! ✔️

The 🍌Banana & 🎂Cake Farms V2 go live on Friday, July 16, 2021 @ 02:15 PM UTC, 10:15 AM EST.

The current Banana & Cake Farms will finish their 🍪CHIPS rewards on…

Please see the following frequently asked questions:

What is the Total Supply?

Currently the total supply is 280K CHIPS. There is no hard-cap yet because each Insured Farm emits 3–5K CHIPS per week. …

Cookie Finance

Secure & Sustainable DeFi Solutions #BSC🔥 #DeFi📈 #Insurance☂️ #CookieDeFi🍪

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